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    Insulating an above grade block wall from the inside

    This article deals with a block wall above grade.  For a below grade block wall see Basement Perimeter Drainage and Leaking Foundations.   Bryan is faced with a totally un-insulated cinder block wall with 1x2 strapping and a plaster covering.  He is thinking about stripping it back to the block...
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    Choosing a caulking gun.

    In this segment we ran through all the different features available in caulking guns. There are a lot of choices and a lot of prices. You can get good, or bad, incremental movement from the trigger. If the gun forces you to squeeze far before getting a fresh grip, it will tire out your hand. So...
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    Foam Gun Maintenance

    Foam guns are the air sealing tool of our epoch. We all use them. We all kill them. We all wish they would last longer and clog less. Of course there are as many different qualities of single component poly-urethane foam guns as there are different qualities of foams — at least we can be happy t...
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    Stopping a leak in a shower stall

    Letter: I have a ceramic shower, that is leaking, I do not know how it was built or what is underneath.In the last week +- have noticed about an ounce or 2 of water in the garage,I have a small openeing in the ceiling directly under due to the drain pipe, the drain pipe and feed lines are dry. Bu...
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    Plastic Cement for Roofing

    Getting something to stick to asphalt or asphalt coated materials is a unique problem. Asphalt driveways have their own specific crack sealers and roofing materials generally use what we call "Plastic Cement". (One exception to this is a specially formulated polyurethane adhesive that will work...
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    "Sealants", caulking and other confusing vocabulary

    Sealants, caulking and other confusing vocabularyThere are all kinds of "sealants" used in construction.What we normally call a "caulking" is properly called a sealant -- a thick material that cures to a flexible solid designed to "seal" the space between two materials -- particularly two materia...
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    Does caulking from squeeze tubes shrink more than from cartridges?

    I always had the feeling that caulking from toothpaste like squeeze tubes had less body than caulking from gun cartridges. I recently received a whole array of caulking from Sascho, a manufacturer with a great line-up of products and it included a Mildew Free Sealant for bathrooms in a sque...
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    Caulking in cold weather

    So just how do you get caulking to work outdoors when you have put the job off so long that the cold weather has caught up with you?First, read the caulking tubes to see under what conditions any particular caulking can be used. Polyurethane and most Thermoplastic caulking should be used at temp...
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    No-Gun caulking & hot glue guns

    For those of you who simply don't like tools, LePage has come up with the No-Gun caulking tube. Yup. It is caulking in an aerosol dispenser. The really nice trick is that they put an adjustable trigger on the can so that you can set the speed you want it to come out -- giving you a very ni...
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    Why do I have frost on the inside front door casing of a new door?

    Kevin from frosty Regina, Saskatchewan writes: "I had a new steel door installed this summer. When the temperature outside drops below -15 c, frost develops on the bottom of the interior casing. Is this due to a lack of insulation behind the casing? Also the bottom of the exterior threshold a...