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    Fixing a chair that won't sit flat on the floor

    Before you start fixing anything, you really need to know if it is the chair or the floor that wobbles. If the chair only wobbles in one or two spots in the room, it is probably the floor that is out of line.   CHECKING THE FLOOR To check the floor, either use a laser beam or a string line tha...
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    Teaching Kids Woodworking -- reaching for success

    Over the years I have had the occasion to teach working with tools to kids as young as 3 years old.  At whatever age the secret is to know the individual kids attention span and prepair the work to give them a feeling of completion and success within those limits.  Regular sessions of success and...
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    Weather Restrictions: White & Yellow Exterior Carpenter's Glue

    Connect to your favourite weather forecaster and look for the following conditions:   Category: Adhesives     Product: White & Yellow Exterior Carpenters Glue Temperature Limitations: Surface and glue must be above +10 C (+50 F) during application - some glues require warmer. Rain Limitat...
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    One hand edge clamping, with power

    This is a great one handed edge clamp. You put the large "C" shaped gadget over the wood and begin to turn the handle. The upper and lower clamping pads move in to grab the main sheet. Once they grip, then the side clamp moves forward to secure the trim on the edge. When they have all gripped...
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    Fixing ripped hanging holes in vinyl shower curtains

    The most common shower curtains sold are made of vinyl with very inadequate reinforcing around the hole used to hook it to the curtain rod.  The result is that rather quickly the vinyl stretches and breaks through.  Now this process accelerates when you have a wife like mine who scrubs the curtai...
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    How to bend wood

    One viewer asked how to bend the wood for garden arches. The reality is that most walkway arches are not bent wood, but wood glued together and cut out to the curve. But you can bend wood.If you really want to bend thick pieces of wood, that is usually done by steaming it first. You could t...
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    Clamping difficult objects for gluing up

    When you need to clamp strange shapes that don't let you use large heavy clamps you need something that you can wrap around and tighten up. Just using tape or string won't put even pressure on the glue joints.The first photo shows a web clamp, made out of canvas with a ratchet mechanism. Cor...
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    Improving your work table.

    In our studio workshop someone had built a large assembly table, that was missing a lot of little things to make it a good workbench. So I set about making some essential modifications, that could help in your own workshop.First, the sides were vertical 2x6's. This made it almost impossible to ...
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    A look at some unusual clamps.

    Clamps are used widely in woodworking and metal working, in fact in every task that needs to hold two pieces of something together temporarily. Clamps come in every imaginable size and shape. In fact, if you are looking for a present for someone who has a workshop of some kind, any clamp from c...
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    Clamping Round Objects

    It is often difficult to clamp round or odd shaped objects. This segment highlighted several techniques including web clamps and make-shift web clamps, and tips on using them.Here we are gluing a painting pole back together, using tie-wraps as clamps.All the items shown in this segment are easil...