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    What to do with bad drywall joints after they are painted?

    One viewer installed drywall, taped the joints, painted and then discovered that there were lumps and uneven areas in the joint plaster. What to do?It is certainly easier to perfect the sanding before there is paint on the wall, so the moral is to really verify your sanding job before saying it ...
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    Can I put a dimmer switch on a three way hallway light?

    Rebecca from Cold Lake, Alberta wants to dim her three-way switchs. Can she do it? No and Yes. I know you like that kind of an answer. So read carefully. In fact I don't think I was perfectly clear about this when I did the segment on the TV show, judging by the confusion I heard after it wa...
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    Light bulbs that burn out frequently in the Garage

    A fellow named H. from Moncton, N.B. has light bulbs that are constantly burning out in the garage. What to do?The filaments in regular incandescent light bulbs is relatively delicate, especially as it gets very hot. A garage ceiling often has more than it's share of vibrations with the opening...
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    Use Duct tape to remove recessed light bulbs.

    Here is a great tip from one of our viewers. To remove that light bulb from the tight halogen fixtures where there is no room for your fingers, simply wad up a piece of duct tape with the sticky side out. That will grip the bulb for unscrewing.You could even tape that wad to the end of a broom ...
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    Why do my lights flicker when appliances turn on.

    Theoretically, room lights should never be on the same circuits as any large appliances.Why? Because if the appliance, be it a refrigerator, a large TV or a hot electric fry pan, blows a fuse, you don't want to be thrown in the dark.When these are on the same circuits, on the same fuse or circui...
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    Solar powered garden lights.

    Making electricity directly from light has become a common practice. We have small calculators that have no batteries and only require a lamp near-by. We have remote ocean beacons that function non-stop without fuel. These do have batteries, but they are charged all day long by the sun. We ca...
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    How do I separate the outlet from the light switch in the bathroom?

    David wants the electrical outlet in the bathroom to be on all the time and not just when the light switch is on. How do you wire that, he asks?You may or may not be able to do it with the existing wires.Start by opening up the light electrical box. Turn off the light switch. Measure the volta...
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    Installing a dimmer

    Installing a dimmer in place of a regular light switch is very simple. The one wire that the dimmer has that you will not find in the light switch is a green wire that is meant to go to "ground". You simply secure this wire under the head of one of the large grounding screws that are in the...
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    How do I prevent my light dimmer from humming?

    Sometimes the dimmer hums and sometimes the light itself hums. What is happening and how can it be stopped?Not too long ago we had light dimmers that were simple rheostats. These would lower the voltage going to an ordinary light bulb and it would dim. No problems. But because we have devel...
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    Is there a good glow-in-the dark paint I can use on door locks?

    They do exist but I don't know about their efficiency.However, a young man in B.C. has developed an excellent glow-in-the dark reflective sticker called E-Z Find that he has produced in a number of different forms. One is a little round ring that sticks around your car keyhole. Expose it to norma...