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    How do you prevent condensation in an exhaust duct?

    I hate to put exhaust ducts through roofs, because there will always be some condensation that could drip back inside. I would much rather go through a side wall, or down and out the side of the basement. But if you must go up and through the roof... Don't allow your ducting to have any loops in...
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    I painted my bathroom and now I am getting mould!

    Anne painted her bathroom with latex paint and then started to get mould and mildew where she never had any before. She is wondering what she did wrong? Mould is caused by the prolonged presence of condensation. Condensation is caused by a combination of high humidity and low temperatures. If yo...
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    Water running down the basement walls.

    Carol from Smith Falls has a new home but has had water running down her basement walls from the beginning, and no one, not even her builder, seems to be able to figure out why. As well, the problem seems to get better and worse with time, but still wet. First of all you need to keep in mind tha...
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    Alternative mouldings and hidden lighting

    Floor mouldings and crown mouldings were originally all made out of heavy plaster or real wood. Then they were produced out of MDF or compressed sawdust. Now you can find them made out of plastics and drywall as well.ProFlex is a rubber like moulding that is the champion at following curves...
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    Tracing the origins of mould in the house

    I receive a tremendous quantity of questions about mould, the housing sickness for the new century. First, it is important to understand, in nature, there are mould spores all around us and most of us are not bothered by or aware of them. It is massive accumulations of mould that can cause ...
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    UV lamp for a furnace

    Few furnace filters, except expensive HEPA filters, do much about trapping or killing germs. Electronic air filters will reduce somewhat the air born germ count because the high electrical voltages do kill some of the bacteria passing through them and probably all that is caught on the plates. ...
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    Venting a mouldy basement.

    Last year we shot a special Spring Clean-Up show and in that show we cleaned up some mould on the lower walls of one of our viewer's basement. Recently we went back to permanently solve that problem by installing an exhaust fan that would draw the cold moist air off of the basement floor, doing ...
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    A bathroom fan switch in the downstairs hallway?

    Chris & Dorie from Richmond Hill, Ontario write: "Last summer we moved into our new home. About a month ago, I discovered that the mysterious switch in our front hall operates the fan in our second floor bathroom?! Is this a fire code regulation? Why did they not try to "hide" the switch i...
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    How to clean mould off of cedar siding.

    All siding gets dirty, but cedar siding, often used in humid parts of the country, has more of a tendency than other siding to support the growth of mould and mildew. Unless it is really bad, cleaning is basically done in the same manner as for aluminium or vinyl siding, with much the same produ...
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    What is that white stuff on my basement wall?

    Judy has a pretty messy basement wall and has had several expensive estimates for fixing it.It almost looks like a mould or a fungus growing out of it, starting at a definite line quite high up on the wall.When I looked through the window I could see that the white stuff was starting about a foot...