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    Pollutants come from four main sources: 1- Your body's metabolic activities (breathing and the like): carbon dioxide, ammonia, organics, and odours. 2- Your activities within the house: -- Tobacco smoke: carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, organics, odours. -- Aerosol sprays: fluorocarbons, v...
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    Qu'est-ce que le radon?

    Il n’y a pas beaucoup d’information en français sur ce site, mai comme j’ai produit les vidéos sur le radon dans les deux langues, j’ai voulu les partager avec mes visiteurs qui sont plus confortable dans la langue de Molière.  Cliquez ici pour visionner les vidéos techniques pour le travail sur ...
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    Stopping flies and gasses from coming out of my basement floor drain with Dranjer!

    I have had several letters recently about bad smells and even flies coming up out of basement floor drains and sump pump pits. One viewer was quoted hundreds of dollars to break up the entire basement and replace all the sewer lines. The real problem is usually that the trap under the floor has ...
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    What is Radon and should I be worried?

    The basic message to remember is that Radon is a dangerous cancer causing gas and if found to exist in high concentrations in your house the problem can be solved permenantly and at a reasonable cost.  So we don't want to ignore the possibility, we need to test every house in Canada. 7% of homes...
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    Blocking odours and gasses from basement floor drains.

    Typical of many older homes, two of our listners have large metal grates in the floor of the basement, covering a drain collection box. This box tends to stay wet, grow strange things and smell bad. That was acceptable when the basement was no more than a storage space, but when it is conve...
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    Odours coming from a basement floor drain.

    Joan from Windsor, Ontario has one of those large square floor drains with a heavy metal grate over it that are so common Ontario eastward. There are under slab pipes that come in and out of this collection box. The concept was designed as a drainage system for an empty storage space called...
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    Radon -- les détails en français

    Techniques d'atténuation du radon dans les nouvelles constructions Clique sur la vidéo à gauche pour visionner L’INTRODUCTION AU RADON. <--- Pour la liste complète des vidéos voir le colonne à gauche vers le bas. Tous les liens vers les ressources pour les consommateurs sont en bas de cette...
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    Radon -- The Details in English

    Follow this link for full homeowner information and a listing of resources. Listen to Montreal personalities who have tested their own homes.   Click on the image to the left to see the INTRODUCTION TO RADON video. <-- for the full video list for new construction professionals, scroll down...