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    Insulating a Cathedral Ceiling - OVERVIEW

    Hello Jon, I have a cathedral ceiling with a shingled roof. If I insulate the roof air tight, will the shingles lift and curl as they do on poorly ventilated roofs? The other thought is leaving an 1 1/2 inch space between the roof deck and the insulation  and installing a ridge vent, which give...
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    What is the difference between a vapour barrier and an air barrier?

    It's become very important to understand the difference between a vapor barrier and an air barrier. If we completely seal a polyethylene sheet on the warm side of the insulation, we call it a combined air/vapor barrier. But it's possible to put the vapor barrier on the warm side of the insulati...
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    Crawl Space Moisture Barriers

    Hi Jon and Crew... I am in the process of putting down vapour barrier in my crawl space (what a chore). Two questions: 1) Should I bring in sand or similar material to level out the dirt floor? It has heaves due to natural pitch of the land of up to three feet in various areas. I am thinking that...
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    Insulating an above grade block wall from the inside

    This article deals with a block wall above grade.  For a below grade block wall see Basement Perimeter Drainage and Leaking Foundations.   Bryan is faced with a totally un-insulated cinder block wall with 1x2 strapping and a plaster covering.  He is thinking about stripping it back to the block...
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    Insulating hot water lines that run through a heated basement or crawl space sounds logical, but in fact it will same you little or no money. The infrequency of their use lets them cool off whether they are insulated or not, and the heat is converted to useful room heat anyway. The exception is ...
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    False. Vapour barriers, together with air barriers, prevent moisture from escaping into the walls. In this sense vapour barriers make you more aware of the quantity of moisture you have generated in your house. Condensation problems are caused by generating too much moisture and/or having too ...
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    Vapour barriers and Showers

    There is a lot of debate about whether to put a vapour retarder (vapour barrier) on an insulated wall behind shower tiles.  The code has not historically been specifically clear on this so we get lots of different interpretations.  What the code does say clearly is that we should not have two vap...
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    Wind protecting houses in Newfoundland.

    Newfoundland is known for its brutal winds, all year round. So I thought there would be no better place in Canada to take a look at what to you do to a house to avoid wind damage, and keep that wind out of the house. I called on my old buddy Gary Reardon, a prominent new home builder in St. Jo...
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    Is my crawl space insulation right?

    Joe and Joan from St. Thomas Ontario wrote: "Our kitchen has a 2 foot crawl space underneath. We hired a contractor to insulate the floor with pink insulation. He used plastic to hold it up. The kitchen was still not warm enough so we nailed up Styrofoam over the plastic. The following year ...
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    A gas barrier between a garage and a living space.

    While at a home show in Calgary, Marsha asked me to save her from her husband Martin. Actually marriage counselling is as much a part of my business as "divorce dust" is a part of renovation.Martin was doing a wonderful job of building Marsha a professional sewing centre above his new garage/wor...