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    How to insulate a block garage from the outside.

    Carolyn in Montreal wants to insulate her garage so that she can heat it but it is so narrow that there is no room to do anything on the inside. Can she insulate on the outside?As you can see in the graphic, you can easily put foam insulation of just about any thickness right on the block wall. ...
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    Pressure washing the siding has caused condensation inside the windows.

    Valerie has a large living room with two storm windows, those kind that are two separate windows with a space in-between. Ever since she pressure washed the siding in preparation for painting, there is a lot of condensation between the windows.Water could have gotten between the windows directly...
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    How to protect board and batten siding?

    Lori from North Gower, Ontario has purchased an old farm house with one part covered in board and batten wood while the main house is brick. She wants to know what she should do to protect the old board and batten. Presently it has simply been left to "silver" with age.Painting or oiling that o...
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    What kind of siding should I put on a shed?

    The siding on a shed will potentially take more abuse than siding on a house -- the first couple of feet of the side of the house is usually concrete foundation, but the shed goes right down close to the ground, and gets hit upon by bicycles, shovels, lawnmowers and everything else that moves in ...
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    Preventing stains on wood siding

    We talked on the phone with Al from Victoria, British Columbia who has streaks staining his wooden siding. He cleans them off, but they keep coming back.I think I can safely say that most stains come from too much moisture getting behind the siding and either pushing through the wood and ext...
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    How do you insulate a brick and block construction?

    Boris lives in a 45 year old bungalow that has no insulation at all. It has a brick outside, an air space, a concrete block wall for structure inside and then drywall. Is it possible to blow foam into the space between the brick and the block?NO. As long as the brick is the weather shield for ...
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    Example: Styrofoam products by Dow (by the way, Styrofoam is a Dow Chemical brand name and not a generic term for foam insulation).Colour: Blue (Dow) or Pink (Celfort)Thermal Resistance: RSI - .035/mm R - 5.0/in. Very high.Cost: highCapacity to dry out if wet: Won't get wetFire Resis...
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    Yes, but maybe not good enough.Sheathing paper is designed to keep outside water and wind out of the walls but to let inside vapour breath out (like your skin does for your body). Over the years, manufacturers have made the traditional sheathing or building paper stronger, but at the same tim...
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    Removing mould from the siding.

    Robert from Riverview, N.B. writes:The problem relates to what appears to be mould or mildew on one exterior end of my house, showing up in what appears to be small black spots peeking through the white paint. I have been told that improper ventilation can contribute to such a situation if, i...
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    Common Questions: Getting Aluminum Dusting off of Brick

    This is actually a mechanical problem, not a staining problem. Microscopic particles of white pigment have flowed down the wall with the rain and lodged into the pores of the brick. Acid will not change their colour nor dislodge them. They have to be removed mechanically. Brushes tend to not ...