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    Weather Restrictions: Acrylic Latex Paint

    Connect to your favourite weather forecaster and look for the following conditions:   Category: Finishes     Product: Acrylic Latex Paint Temperature Limitations: Use above +10 C (+50 F) and below +32 C (+90 F) Rain Limitations: No rain for 24 hours Wind Limitations:  low to moderate to avoi...
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    Staining outdoor wood.

    Albert Bacci of the Noble House Coatings company in Toronto came to the TV studio to share his experience in applying outdoor stains. First rule, if there is mill glaze (that washer board look caused by the planing blades in the lumber mill) on the boards, you must sand them off or no stain will...
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    Noises -- sounds that tell you what is wrong with your house

    Drum Cymbal noises --> Furnace Ducting Gina in Saskatoon is complaining about drum cymbal-like crashes that happen every time her furnace goes on. This is common when you have smooth flat ductwork. The heat and pressure of the air can cause the large flat surface of sheet metal to flex eithe...
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    Removing climbing vines from walls.

    An ivy covered wall John from Mississauga, Ontario writes: "We recently bought a house that was half covered in ivy. We didn't like it and we were told to cut the roots and let the ivy die and then just tear it down from the walls. We cut the roots and let the ivy die but we noticed all these li...
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    Improper power washing can damage the inside of your walls

      More and more people have domestic power washers, allowing them to quickly clean all kinds of things around the house. Of course one of the first things we want to use it for is to clean off the siding on the house. CAUTION -- you all know that you need to be careful not to damage wood or spra...
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    How to clean aluminium and vinyl siding.

    A viewer caught our TV cameras in a renovation centre and asked about cleaning aluminum siding. An interesting fact about siding is that white aluminum siding and to some extent white vinyl siding both tend to "chalk". If you run your hand over it, you get a bit of a chalk like deposit on your h...
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    How do you stop mice from coming into the house?

      Susan from Calgary, Alberta has mice that just keep coming into her house. She knows where they get in and would like to block the entrance. She wonders if the foam in a can would stop them.               No. They will eat right through it. But if you mix the foam in a can, or caul...
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    Air Spaces in Walls -- Myth and Science -- Overview

      Walls often have air spaces hidden somewhere between the siding on the outside and the drywall on the inside.  Some are accidental -- some on purpose, even code required -- some served a purpose at one time in history but because of the evolution of construction, are no longer useful -- some a...
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    Rainscreen Detailing and the Canadian Building Code

    I have reproduced below an article from the construction professional publication Solplan Review November 2008 because it was such a good article on this complicated subject. Click here for SolPlan Review information.  For an animation on what is a rainscreen, follow this link. Changes to the Bu...
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    Dealing with insect invasions: Cluster Flys, Lady Bugs & Boxelder Beetles

      A viewer on my HGTV program asked: "Does the type of siding make a difference in attracting Cluster flies?" I always wanted to learn more about those flies that cluster on the side of houses (usually in the country) and mass in the windows in the early spring and late summer. They are larger ...