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    Refinishing hardwood floors -- without sanding

    "Renewal" is the name of a floor refinishing product/system from Flecto-Varathane.You take of any wax first. They only mention that in fine print and don't provide a wax remover, but the system will fail if you leave old wax on the floor.Then the first product in the system removes the scuff mar...
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    Hot Links for WebTogether Broadcast January 10, 2018

      Here are some useful hotlinks for things discussed on December 15, 2016 WebTogether Consumer Broadcast.  The archive of this broadcast can be found here, with chapter listings in the INFO panel on the right. For details on upcoming broadcasts click here.   Hand splitter exerciser for stif...
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    Cleaning: mould in the bathroom; grout in the foyer

    Frank from Oshawa Ontario has problems with cleaning mould off the grout in the bathroom and dirt off the grout in the foyer.Soaked in dirt and stain in the foyer could be bleached out. If that doesn't work you will have to use a grout knife to remove some and re-grout. Remember to always dig...
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    How to renew worn stairs without replacing them.

    David in Toronto sent us a photo of some very badly worn steps that he wanted to recover with wood without removing the old stairway. It is not easy, but it can be done. First sand or cut the round nose of each stair square. We will put a new round nose on as the last step. Clean the stair off ...
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    How do you put a new drywall ceiling over an old ceiling?

    Mike has an attic full of loose-fill insulation and needs to renew his ceiling. But he doesn't dare take the old drywall down because of all that insulation. So how do you put new drywall over the old? First locate the ceiling joists by the nailing pattern, and mark the ends of the joists on the...
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    How to stop the graying of outdoor wood?

    I just saw an ad on the weather network for a deck cleaning product called deck renew (I think that is what it is called) and I am looking for some more information about it. I built a 600+ sq. ft deck last summer and on someone's recommendation treated it with just a water repellent. the dec...
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    Overview: Finishing Hardwood Floors

    I get a lot of questions about choosing and applying a finish to a hardwood floor.First understand that there is no one right answer -- there are a lot of products that each has certain advantages over the others and you need to select the properties that are the most important to you. There are...