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Cutting Crown Molding

The theory of cutting crown molding is very simple - the reality is rather complex simply because although we can set our miter angles quite precisely, it is far more difficult to set the bevel very precisely.  In addition, when the corner to cover with the crown molding is not exactly 90 degrees, everything gets even more complicated. 

This video will show you the jigs which will avoid most of these problems and get your molding to fit right every time - and not accidentally cut on the wrong end of your board.  For those of you who would like this all printed out, follow this link to Cutting Crown Moldings with a Mitre Saw.

Anyone cutting angles will want to know about the SawSet protractor designed for setting miter saws to an exact angle.

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Sherman on November 26, 2015 20:57

This is a great summary of options - the KISS way and the Master Craftsman's way - both excellently illustrated! Thanks
It helped me do my living room ceiling perfectly :)

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