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Sealing against soil gas entry into the house

If we could create a perfectly sealed barrier between the soil gas and the house, there would be no need for any other radon control measures.  But such perfection is yet to be found on a construction site.  The better we can seal the radon membrane, the more efficient any other measures will be. 

This is the second of four technical radon videos.

Resources for membranes

Perminator – R.W. Meadows

Radon Block

Cold Climate Housing Research Centre - Alaska

HeatLok Soya - Demilec

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George Tawil on October 28, 2016 09:29

Very informative video...indeed Demilec's Heatlok Soya is the perfect solution against toxic radon gas infiltration!

Now George is biased, he works for Demilec. But he is right, although spray foam is generally expensive, this covers so many aspects of sub-slab basement work in a single one man application it becomes cost effective. -- Jon

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