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    Techniques for Installing Drywall

    Working With Knives

  • Tips for working with fiberglass insulation

      CUTTING FIBERGLASS STRAIGHT AND SQUARE   It is always easier to cut fiberglass batt insulation if you compress it down as flat as possible. That way you can get through in one pass. Using a piece of plywood gives you a straight edge at the same time.         There is a special devic...
  • Putting new asphalt roof shingles right over old ones.

      The question is: Can you put new asphalt roof shingles right over old ones. If the old ones are flat and you fill in any missing tabs, and you do no more that a total of two layers of shingles, yes you can reshingle over old shingles. The major question point would be to check out if your old...
  • Removing Tile Grout & Floor Glue

    There exist special little tile grout knives, which are really just a blade with carbide dust on the edge. They are efficient at cutting out old grout between tiles. There is a special a power grout remover as one of the accessory blades that comes with the FEIN MultiMaster. Unlike a circular ...