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  • Round trim paint brushes.

    Round brushes, with tapered and split end bristles, are the standard trim brushes in Europe. You actually rotate the brush as you move to keep a wet brush on the work. They are beginning to show up in Canadain paint stores.
  • A form for column footings, below ground

    "Big Foot" is a plastic form that you put in the bottom of the hole you dug for your support columns. You then set a Sono-tube on the top and pour in the concrete. The concrete will fill the form on the bottom (air holes let it flow) and give you a perfectly formed footing every time, without h...
  • How to cut frozen food

    While the TV chief Christine Cushing was in my TV shop, I challenged her to use one of her many knives to cut a small portion out of a frozen food package. My technique was to use a jig saw with a course cutting wood blade. Christine now wants a jig saw in her kitchen.

    This is a quick summary table of all the common types of thermal house insulation. You can find details on each material by looking up "insulation" then "types".
  • Save your Sandpaper

    If your sandpaper for your power tools are plugged up but not worn out you can get a crepe block that you simply push into the running sandpaper and the clogs come out. If you can't find a true crepe sandpaper cleaning block, use an old pair of crepe soled shoes. They work just as well.
  • Melamine Paint -- Plastic Enamel -- and getting paint smooth.

    Every paint is formulated to maximize some special characteristic, and that often means sacrificing other desirable characteristics in that particular paint. No one paint can be everything to everybody.One of the most common trade-offs in making paint is "ease of application" vs. "durability".Pl...
  • Painting plywood edges.

    A rough plywood shelf edge will not look good if you simply paint it with the rest of the shelf.Even after sanding it smooth, it will not take paint well. And if you are going to paint the shelf, you shouldn't waste your time and money trying to put glue-on trim on the edge.To get it to look good...
  • Stopping knots from showing through paint.

    Resin in softwood knots can stay active for years, and bleed slowly through most paints, even if the wood has been kiln dried. The only way to really stop the bleeding is to use a shellac to seal in the resins.Shellac is not a very strong finish but has the unique characteristic that it allows n...
  • How do you get the porcelain touch up to actually work?

    When part of the porcelain paint pops off of metal sinks, your only DIY recourse is to use the little bottles of touch-up.First you have to find one that is the right colour, not always an easy task.Then you have to get it to stick. The manufacturers all say to just clean the surface and then ap...
  • TIP: Picking up metal shavings from a drill.

    Jim from Windsor, Ontario has a really good suggestion for getting metal shavings away from the area where you are drilling a hole. Simply place some magnets around the hole an inch or so away and the shavings will all fly away from the drilling area and collect on the magnets. It really works.