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  • Safety and pleasure in woodturning

    The wood lathe is my favourite woodworking tool - hands down. Follow this link to me simply having fun. The most important safety detail in woodturning, after a face mask, is to learn to properly place, and constantly adjust, the chisel support. It should always be close to the wood to leave you...
  • Cutting oval holes in a sloped roof for round pipes

      When plumbing pipes and chimneys have to go through sloped roofs, they are always cut fairly large just to make sure that the pipe will pass through. The problem is that a 3 inch round pipe needs an oval hole in a sloped roof. There is an easy trick for drawing out the hole.   Hold the p...
  • Oscillating Tools

    The Plunge Cut

  • A draft free mail slot - a counter top garbage trap - a central vac sweep door:

    Three of the most useful SLOTS you have ever seen.

      Slots are simply small passageways through something. In this segment we looked at three very nifty Slots -- all completely different.   THE INSULATED MAIL SLOT   How about a through the door mail slot that does not give you cold drafts? The Draft Dodger has two gasketed and spring load...
  • Working with bamboo

      BAMBOO FLOORING -- LOOSING FAVOUR Bamboo flooring is beautiful and reasonably durable -- but it is falling out of favour.  Ecologically bamboo is a sustainable resource as it is a very fast growing grass, so bamboo production on a piece of land is far more profitable than growing trees on th...
  • Table Saw Basics

    Table Saw Basics

  • At what speed should my saw blades spin?

    Tools Vary Woodworking tools, from table saws to portable saws right down to tiny routers vary in rotational speeds from around 3,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) up to 50,000 RPM.  If it is a direct drive motor, the arbor RPM and the blade RMP are the same, which is true of routers and many, bu...