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    Quebec’s Decree to ban residential oil heating -- The hard truth and your options

      (updated May 2023)  -- Essentially nothing has changed in the last year -- read on. As for heating contractors that say you have no choice but to go all-electric, they are either ignorant of the regulations or lying to you.  When they tell you that you have no choice, tell them to call their ...
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    Quebec all-electric? Not possible and not even a valid objective!

    EN FRANÇAIS There is an elephant in the room – QUEBEC GETS REALLY COLD.  The ecological dream of an all-electric urban society is suicidal in a cold climate like Quebec. Extended power system black-outs are a reality of life in Quebec.  Every few years electrical system black-outs have forced...
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    Should heating by oil be banned in Montreal?

      This letter was written to Montreal municipal officials relative to total banning of heating with oil in February of 2021.  It will give you the full ecologically valid arguments against this proposal.  In the fall of 2021 the Quebec government has decreed an end to residential heating with oi...
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    How to check if your furnace oil tank is safe

    Underground tanks are banned Many years ago we buried oil tanks in the ground. Think a minute about how bad an idea that was. When a very old tank developed a leak, we never knew about it and it just leaked oil into the ground for years, creating quite an environmental problem. That is why it is...