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    -- Take care of air barriers, ventilation and vapour barriers before insulating. Check out these three topics in the Search Tab above.-- Don't block the eave vents with insulation.-- Do cover the top of the outside wall.-- Don't put plastic foam on top of porous insulations (batts, loose fill) a...
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    A balanced air-change system is a fan operated system that forces out stale air through exhaust ducts and forces in an equal amount of fresh air through controlled intake ducts. The difference between this and a central exhaust system is that the input air is under active control and balance...
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    There is no simple answer to this one. Let's narrow the field and talk only about exhaust fans that do not use things like the air-to-air heat exchangers for heat recuperation.Government literature from the Prairie provinces do not recommend them if they must be installed in the attic (the st...
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    Dripping bathroom fan

    Paul from Ajax, Ontario writes:Two years ago I had a ceiling ventilator fan with lights installed in the bathroom. During a very cold spell, water was dripping from the reflector into the bath tub. It has a 4" aluminum flexible pipe connected from the discharge opening into the attic straigh...
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    Overview: To HRV-ERV or not to HRV-ERV

    I am always amazed at house construction where so often things are half built or more while people are running around beginning to think about "extras" that should never be though of as "extras" but as part of the essential system. So time for one of my lectures -- (you asked for it).Heating is o...
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    Remove the outside air intake for the furnace when going all-electric?

    Gregory in Québec asked:   I recently replaced my oil furnace with a heat pump/electric furnace system. I live in the region of Montreal. The heat pump can heat/operate in temperatures as low as -30c. The oil furnace had an air intake duck supplying the furnace with outside (cold) air. I underst...
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    PAN FAN - an air filter for toilets

    Over the years I have seen and tested a large number of gadgets designed to get rid of toilet odours, from double walled ceramic toilets that had an exhaust pipe to the outdoors, to exhaust ducts that fitted under the tank and various carbon filters situated under the seat. Finally an New Zealand...
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    Keeping a laptop going (quietly) - from Win7 to Win11

      Ultra Soft -- the Montreal store that still solves LAPTOP problems I keep finding myself going back to the first laptop store in Montreal, now a tiny basement workshop at 16 Westminster Ave in Montreal West called UltraSoft.  After all the big stores and websites have stolen away the market f...
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    Can a booster fans be used for the clothes dryer?

    There do exist in-line booster fans that can be used with clothes dryers for long duct runs. But you cannot use just any fan for this purpose. The fan motor and fan blades must be designed to handle the temperature of the dryer exhaust and prevent a build up of lint on a hot motor that could cau...
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    Blocking cannabis odours in an appartment building.

    Jon, On the radio last week you gave someone a remedy to get rid of a smoker's odours coming up through the apartment building.  Could you please post that for me.  Francine. ---- First my opinion -- second hand smoke from cigarettes is already identified as a public health problem, and is ofte...