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    My bathroom vent keeps freezing.

    Keith in Ste. Agathe, Manitoba writes: "I installed a new fan in the bathroom ceiling. I ran the exhaust pipe into the attic, then on a gentle down slope to the gable end of my house. On the outside wall I installed a 3 flap door for the exhaust to come out. In the winter there is so much moistur...
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    Stopping cold air drafts from ducts to the outdoors.

    I get a lot of complaints about cold air drafts coming in through ducts connected to the outdoors. Here are some solutions.  Butterfly dampers Any exhaust vent that rises up and out will have a tendency to let cold air fall back down that duct. Quality butterfly dampers are available that have ...
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    Controlling Garage Pollution

    Pim from Etobicoke would like to install a door from his garage into the house. The danger of this is that it opens a path for pollutants from the car into the living space of the house. Recent CMHC/Health Canada research has shown that many more pollutants than we imagine come off of cars and fi...
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    An exhaust fan in the kitchen is not an absolute necessity. However, it serves two functions: it cuts down on humidity and it removes grease, smoke and odours. If none of these bother you -- and that has a great deal to do with how you like to cook -- then you can get along without one. If you k...
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    Ventilation hoods -- how to identify quality

      Ventilation Maximum makes some of the best outdoor vent hoods on the market – and makes them to work in cold and snow covered climates.  They often innovate and others copy.  For instance they invented the square cupola that replaced both the troublesome spinning turbines and the rooftop bu...
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    How to properly duct an exhaust fan through a roof

    This item falls under the heading of 'things that homeowners can teach their contractor'. Unfortunately too many renovators do not know that you can cause serious damage to your roof if you don't duct exhaust fans completely out of an attic. Some know, but just don't care. You cannot just leave ...
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    What is Radon and should I be worried?

    The basic message to remember is that Radon is a dangerous cancer causing gas and if found to exist in high concentrations in your house the problem can be solved permenantly and at a reasonable cost.  So we don't want to ignore the possibility, we need to test every house in Canada. 7% of homes...
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    OVERVIEW:Improper exhaust fans can pollute your home -- could even kill you

    More and more people are asking for powerful kitchen range hoods or bathroom exhaust fans. The logic appears simple, increase the power of the exhaust fan and get rid of pollutants quicker. In more and more modern homes which have been weather-stripped and sealed against cold air leaks and heat l...
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    Pro: Getting Ventilation Ductwork to Work

    Bathroom and kitchen fans are rated to move a certain volume of air, but do they actually move what they say they move? A study done in 1990 by CMHC says "rarely". In fact, on the average, measured volumes were 44% of rated flow for bathroom fans and 38% of rated flow for kitchen fans. The primar...
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    Installing a bathroom fan through the roof.

    Last year we visited a home to replace a "bathroom fan" but when we arrived, we found that it was vented directly into the attic. If you've been watching my show, you know that should never be! That was in the middle of the winter with ice on a steep roof, so we promised to go back and do it righ...