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    The room heater is in the ceiling fan!

    That is an interesting idea. Put the heater on the ceiling as part of a ceiling fan which assures that all that extra heat up there gets circulated all around the room. Room light, ceiling fan for summer cooling and heating unit for winter heating all in one unit. Add to that a remote control za...
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    Critical Temperatures for Household Appliances

    There are a number of appliances around the house that have user or trade adjustable temperatures and it is not always simple to get them right.Hot Water HeatersMost Hot Water heaters for domestic hot water are factory set to 66deg C. ( 150F ). This is actually hot enough to scald someone so legi...
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    Radiant Heating Systems for Homes

    Radiant Heating and Convection Heating are the two primary types of ways we heat our houses. FORCED AIR HEATINGConvection heating means moving hot air -- what we usually call a forced air heating system simply heats air and moves it around the house through a system of fans and ducts.  Forced air...
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    UV lamp for a furnace

    Few furnace filters, except expensive HEPA filters, do much about trapping or killing germs. Electronic air filters will reduce somewhat the air born germ count because the high electrical voltages do kill some of the bacteria passing through them and probably all that is caught on the plates. ...
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    Alternatives for bathroom supplemental heating.

    Need a little more heat in the bathroom? Here is a quick run-through of some of the possibilities for supplemental heating for this small room.You are probably familiar with ceiling mounted heat lamps, usually red. Are you aware that they now have "white" heat lamp bulbs as you see in the secon...
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    Can I put a dimmer switch on a ceiling fan?

    You cannot use a dimmer switch on a fan motor, but you can find fan speed controllers.Why? A regular dimmer switch simply reduces the voltage. That works with lights, but will burn out a motor (and maybe burn down the house).A fan speed controller is a much more complex electronic device that re...
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    HRV ventilation system maintenance.

    The National Building Code of Canada, the basis for most building codes in the country, requires mechanical ventilation in all new housing because it is now recognised that our modern energy efficient homes must have the possibility of good through ventilation beyond opening windows.There are man...
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    The fireplace stinks a sooty smell.

    Brenda from Port Hardy, B.C. says that her wood burning insert smells of soot when it is not in use.The problem is obviously one of air coming down the chimney. Either the exhaust fans in the house are drawing air when there is no fire to maintain an upward draft, or the wind is twisted around on...
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    How to secure a ceiling fan

    On other shows we talked about wiring in ceiling fans -- today we dealt simply with how to attach it to the ceiling so that it does not come down on top of the bed like a giant blender.You cannot just attach it to the ceiling drywall.You cannot just attach it to a simple electrical box in the att...
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    Which direction should a ceiling fan turn?

    Perry in Cochrane, Alberta wants to know which way a ceiling fan should turn. Don't try to remember clockwise or counter-clockwise -- I always get that mixed up. Simply remember that in the summertime, moving air of any temperature feels cooler if it is blowing directly on our skin. The evap...