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    Just how do you install windows properly?

    The reality is that there is not just one good way to install windows, but there are certain principles that must be taken care of with any installation to prevent cold air or water leakage later. Basically a window installation must shed most of the water with the siding, what does get through ...
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    Weather Restrictions: Plastic Cement / cold applied Roof Patch

    Connect to your favourite weather forecaster and look for the following conditions:   Category: Roofing     Product: Plastic Cement / cold applied Roof Patch Temperature Limitations: Varies by product: Use above -5 C (+23 F) to above freezing Rain Limitations: Varies by product: dry to underw...
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    Paint peeling caused by a chimney flashing leak.

    John in Mississauga, Ontario has paint flaking off of his crown molding, and it seems to be related to snow on his roof. As we ran through the details, it turns out that the problem spot is right below a brick chimney that is poorly flashed where the roof meets it. He has put asphalt roof patch ...
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    How do you put flashing on a chimney that doesn't have any?

    Henry e-mailed about the fact that he discovered that when they re-shingled his roof a couple of years ago (before he bought it), there were no flashings at all put on around the chimney. He wanted to know how to do a good job, with the least damage to existing shingles as possible. Actually it ...
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    Header Flashing End Dams for Windows and Doors

    Welcome to the Eakes' Origami Guide to the Building Code -- or "how to actually build new flashing requirements in the building code". Water leaking in around windows and doors represents one of our major construction problems. The building codes seem to be constantly changing in an effort to mi...
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    A basement that has more than 50 per cent of its height sticking out of the ground is not really a basement. The walls should be treated as ordinary, above-ground walls. The foundations should be treated as slab-on-grade to avoid frost problems. Interior/exterior insulation combinations can be u...
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    Plastic Cement for Roofing

    Getting something to stick to asphalt or asphalt coated materials is a unique problem. Asphalt driveways have their own specific crack sealers and roofing materials generally use what we call "Plastic Cement". (One exception to this is a specially formulated polyurethane adhesive that will work...
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    Bending sheet metal at home.

    Professional sheet metal workers can make long straight bends in sheet metal by the use of a machine called a 'break'. One part of the machine clamps down on the sheet while the second lifts the rest of the sheet up to some angle. A home made break can be as simple as a 2x4 clamped down over th...
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    Elastomeric Membrane "flat" roofs.

    We visited Anne's roof in a previous show where she had three different types of roofs, no flashings and inadequate transitions between each roof, and of course water buckets in the house. In fact one roof was only six years old, the centre part in good shape but the flashings letting in enough ...
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    A look at a bad roofing job and how to hire a roofing contractor.

    Annie has three roofs on her house, a shingled roof in the front part followed by an asphalt and gravel flat roof and then an elastomeric membrane flat roof over her back porch. They all seem to leak. The asphalt roof is only six years old, installed by someone who advertised in the local paper...