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    The room heater is in the ceiling fan!

    That is an interesting idea. Put the heater on the ceiling as part of a ceiling fan which assures that all that extra heat up there gets circulated all around the room. Room light, ceiling fan for summer cooling and heating unit for winter heating all in one unit. Add to that a remote control za...
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    Improving lighting for reading.

    "Our kitchen requires 3 to 5 light switches on to be able to read. The lighting is terrible even though we painted the cabinets white and added new fixtures. We don't know how to improve it. a skylight (roof not a very steep level) take down center hanging cabinets ??? or take down wall betwe...
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    Electrical wiring confusion -- dim lights

    Mat from Wellen, Ontario followed his buddy's instructions for wiring three lights together with a single switch on the other end of the room. They all came out dim.This is exactly why most provinces require you to get permits for electrical work, or even require licensed electricians for all...
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    Alternative mouldings and hidden lighting

    Floor mouldings and crown mouldings were originally all made out of heavy plaster or real wood. Then they were produced out of MDF or compressed sawdust. Now you can find them made out of plastics and drywall as well.ProFlex is a rubber like moulding that is the champion at following curves...
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    Running wires over and inside walls

    When you want to put a lighting sconce on a wall, there is always the question of how to get the electrical wires to that location. Often it is possible to carry wires up from an electrical outlet, or down from the attic -- now how to hide them.If you are working on the surface, as you are oblig...
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    SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder -- it can be cured

    Feeling down, particularly in the Fall as the days get shorter? Sometimes it feels like the flue or it can even go to severe depression. This glum feeling in the Fall of every year has been tagged SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.It is attributed primarily to decreasing light exposure, but I ...
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    More light for better health

    Light in a home that approaches the qualities of sunlight can definitely improve your moods and actually improve your general health. Studies about lighting have shown that the spectrum of the light around us, the actual wavelengths of light, are important and natural fluctuations in intensi...
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    Fixing a recessed light hole that is too large.

    Iver in Manitoba recently had a workman install pot lights in their ceiling. The problem is that they used the outer ring rather than the inner ring to draw the hole and now the lights just fall out of the ceiling. What to do?About the only thing to do without patching up the hole and starting o...
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    A study of light bulb choices

    The manufacturers of lighting devices are constantly improving their products, constantly changing the names of things and totally confusing me if not you. So I decided to visit Sylvania's 'Light Point' display center in Toronto to try and catch up for both you and me.Durability: Some bulbs ...
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    What is new in outdoor lighting?

    One of the problems with outdoor spot lights is that you are often limited in where you can direct the light because either the mounting won't swivel to where you need it, or you have to avoid pointing upward because water will get into the 120volt socket.Canlet has come out with the greatest lit...