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    OVERVIEW: Changing the roof or roof covering on a house

    As I look at my own database, I see that I have almost 100 answers to specific questions about roofs and roofing.  Despite a good search engine, that much scattered information can get confusing.  Let me make just a couple of overview statements to help guide you in getting your existing or new r...
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    Skylights that don't leak.

    Skylights are basically windows that are not vertical, but usually closer to horizontal as they sit on top of the roof.  Most are fixed but some open a bit for summer ventilation.  There also exist roof windows which are basically skylights that open wide and are much more common in Europe where ...
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    OVERVIEW: Keeping leaves out of rain gutters while letting the water through

      THE RAIN GUTTER’S PRIMARY JOB   We need rain gutters to collect the rain that falls on a roof and then take it far away from the foundation of the house.  That, together with landscaping that slopes away from the house, can solve 80% of all water leakage problems in basements, especially dur...
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    When is the best time to walk on a roof to not damage shingles?

    Johanne from Laval, Quebec writes: "Could it be damaging to my new shingle roof to climb up on it in the winter time to install a satellite antenna? If so, what would be the ideal temperature to do work without any damage?"   Aside from slipping on ice, winter is not a bad time to walk on th...
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    Weather Restrictions: Asphalt Shingles

    Connect to your favourite weather forecaster and look for the following conditions:   Category: Roofing     Product: Asphalt Shingles Temperature Limitations: Use above +5 C (+40 F) for shingle installation.  Emergency repairs can be made down to -10 C (+14 F). Nailers must be adjusted in col...
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    What is the best material to use to re-roof my house?

    Our camera caught Burns at the hardware store -- he is going to redo his roof and wanted to know what is the best material to use to re-roof. That that's a wide open question. And of course, there are a lot of "good" materials. Start by deciding on the "look" you want, then check that against y...
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    BP Roof Shingles -- Class Action Law Suit

    BP and IKO have had problems with some organic base (felt) asphalt impregnated shingles. There are class action suits against them in both the US and Canada. The advice from my roofing specialist: "Whoever claims they have a legitimate complaint against BP or IKO should go at it alone and not j...
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    Shingle starter strip & should you remove that plastic strip?

      For an overview on changing the roof or roof covering on a house and special information on Mansard roof shingles -- follow this link.   The starter shingle If you put the first row of shingles on the edge of the roof just like all the rest, you will see the bare roof deck through the crac...
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    Improper power washing can damage the inside of your walls

      More and more people have domestic power washers, allowing them to quickly clean all kinds of things around the house. Of course one of the first things we want to use it for is to clean off the siding on the house. CAUTION -- you all know that you need to be careful not to damage wood or spra...
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    Putting new asphalt roof shingles right over old ones.

      The question is: Can you put new asphalt roof shingles right over old ones. If the old ones are flat and you fill in any missing tabs, and you do no more that a total of two layers of shingles, yes you can reshingle over old shingles. The major question point would be to check out if your old...