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    Air Spaces in Walls -- Myth and Science -- Overview

      Walls often have air spaces hidden somewhere between the siding on the outside and the drywall on the inside.  Some are accidental -- some on purpose, even code required -- some served a purpose at one time in history but because of the evolution of construction, are no longer useful -- some a...
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    How to move heat from a stove to other rooms.

    Jon in Winchester, Ontario has a free standing natural gas stove and wants to get that heat distributed to the rest of the house.  First, what not to do Do not try to put a grill in a return air duct of a forced air heating system over the stove as you see in the photo, especially forbidden fo...
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    Soundproofing party walls

    Although the Canadian building codes list about 160 acceptable ways to soundproof party walls, it all comes down to taking care of three basic things.Low frequencies travel through the structure, so the more you separate the structure of one apartment from the structure of the other, the more...
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    Sound proofing a basement room

    One of our viewers asked about sound proofing a basement room. That is a big topic but here is some information.The QUALITY of sound in a room is the subject of ACOUSTICS, not sound proofing. Acoustical tiles and sponges on the walls do not do much to stop noise movement to or from the rest of ...
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    How to soundproof the heating ducts that run through my workshop?

    Craig from Calgary, Alberta has built a woodworking shop in the basement of his house. He wants to cut off the sound from there that is travelling up through the heating ducts that run through the room.First, use aluminium duct tape to seal off all leaks in the ducts. More sound will travel thr...
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    How do you sound proof a floor over another apartment?

    One of our viewers lives in an apartment over a noisy basement suite and wants to know what are their options to blocking the noise.Soundproofing is never a perfect thing and although each possible action can have an important effect, the sum of all the actions together can be less than you expec...
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    OVERVIEW: Sound Proofing

    In this TV segment we followed a sound proofing specialist through a home, testing it for problems, and indicating some solutions. Elsewhere in this database you will find more through discussions on soundproofing various parts of your house.The photo shows the use of Z-bars or resilient bars on...
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    Using Resilient Channels

    Installing drywall panels onto resilient channels is one of the first lines of defense against sound transmition through walls or ceilings. Here is a summary overview of their use.  Notice there are more details in one of the videos which follow.
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    Sound Proofing Layers

    There are many elements to good soundproofing. Here is a look at how these materials layer over each other.
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    Avoiding Errors With Resilient Channels

    Here are the details on sound proofing resilient bars or channels. One of the most important details is to install these supports with the proper edge up -- and avoid short circuiting the sound path with your screws.