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    Would installing insulation between the floor joists prevent moisture in the house from a crawl space?

    Harold in New Brunswick has a problem with moisture and mould. He has a bungalow with a 2 foot crawl space. There is no insulation in the floor and no vapour barrier under the floor. He asks if installing insulation between the floor joists prevent moisture in the house?No. Most insulation wi...
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    Is there any difference in the spacers in new energy efficient windows?

    Yes!Traditionally thermal windows were held apart by a hollow tube of aluminium and then sealed with some sealant over that. Of course the aluminium let a lot of cold come from the outer window to the inner window. (Actually cold doesn't exist -- it is just the absence of heat and heat moves no...
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    Forgot to install a bathroom fan. Can we use a charcoal filtered fan instead?

    Andre from Quebec forgot his bathroom fan. Now what to do?Well Andre, it is true that a charcoal recirculation fan will pick up and deal with most odours in the bathroom, if you keep the filter changed. But it will have absolutely no affect on moisture build-up, and hence on the possible develo...
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    How do you get rid of the musty smell in the basement from the sewer backing up?

    When water backs up in your basement, whether it is contaminated sewer water or just a burst plumbing pipe, if it stands for more than 24 hours it is probably beginning to create mould.Just drying out the drywall may not be enough. When drywall gets wet it usually swells and retains a great deal...
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    Black mould coming through cushion flooring.

    Rose & Donald in Aurora, Ontario had a sewer back-up a while back. They cleaned up and then redecorated the basement, laying cushion flooring directly over the concrete. Now they have random spots coming through the vinyl that won't go away.If good cleaning products can?t remove the spot...
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    Getting the bathroom exhaust fan out through the wall.

    Annia asked about getting rid of some mould in her basement bathroom. I have often discussed mould and mould clean-up and in every case I point out that you must have an exhaust fan in the bathroom. So today I thought I would talk about just how you get the exhaust fan duct through the base...
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    Mould under the kitchen sink.

    A viewer in Edmonton sent us some pretty nasty photos of mould under her sink. Two plumbers told her that the moisture was not coming from the plumbing.I saw two things on her photos. First, mould was building up around the cold water pipe, meaning that there was humidity under the sink that...
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    Stopping mould growth above the bedroom window.

    Lorraine from Elliot Lake, Ontario has mould growing out from the joint between the wall and the ceiling in her bedroom. This is a common problem caused by the fact that most houses are built with two pieces of wood on the top of the wall called a ?double header?, with no insulation at this spot...
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    Removing mould from the siding.

    Robert from Riverview, N.B. writes:The problem relates to what appears to be mould or mildew on one exterior end of my house, showing up in what appears to be small black spots peeking through the white paint. I have been told that improper ventilation can contribute to such a situation if, i...
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    Is it mould?

    Paul in Calgary, Alberta has a partially finished basement and wants to complete the job now, but he has one stud covered with black stuff. Is this mould? Is this serious?It is probably mould and it is probably serious. Put a little laundry bleach on it. If it changes colour, it is most li...