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    Painting & Staining without lap marks outdoors.

    One of the cardinal rules of painting or staining in order to avoid lap marks is to apply material wet-on-wet. On an interior wall that is done by rolling small enough sections that allow you to overlap the edge with the next section before the first one manages to dry. Painting wet-on-wet does...
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    Painting tips with Jane Lockhart

    Although I have learned a great deal about paint and painting over the years, it is not my best subject, especially when formulations and even the tools are constantly changing. So I had my good friend and host of HGTV's One House Two Looks, Jane Lockhart, come on the show to answer some of our ...
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    Will blown in insulation settle in walls?

    Steve asks: "I have a question about insulating a home from the exterior. My house has got wood siding and I'm going to be removing it and replacing it with vinyl siding and when I do I want to insulate certain areas with blown in insulation but I heard that it settles over time. So if it start...
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    Painting vinyl and aluminum siding

    Victoria asked us: "I have really ugly vinyl siding on the house and would like to paint it. How do I do it?"Here is what works for both vinyl and aluminum siding.The first thing to know is that painting vinyl siding will void the warranty on it. But if it is old and ugly, it is probably beyond...
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    How to clean mould off of cedar siding.

    All siding gets dirty, but cedar siding, often used in humid parts of the country, has more of a tendency than other siding to support the growth of mould and mildew. Unless it is really bad, cleaning is basically done in the same manner as for aluminium or vinyl siding, with much the same produ...
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    Repairing Cladboard Siding in Newfoundland.

    There is probably no place in the world that gets tougher siding exposure than in Newfoundland and it may surprise you that wood clapboard siding is still the dominant siding on the Island. But it does require maintenance and occasional repair or replacement. Aiden Duff showed us how it is done...
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    How to strap a block wall for board and batten

    Rick from Grand Bend, Ontario writes: "I need advice on how to strap a block wall for board and batten. The wall is 10 ft. high, and I am wondering how many straps I will need?"Too few straps and the boards will warp, too many and you are wasting your energy and perhaps blocking ventilation behi...
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    Hanging things on outside walls, without bothering the siding.

    I have had a few inquiries about how to attach things to outside walls, like signs, wires and Christmas lights without causing any damage.For a brick wall there is a wonderful gadget called the Brick Clip that simply has a spring on the bottom and teeth on the top which grab a brick by inserting ...
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    Is it good practice to eleminate the chipboard on the outside of the house?

    Wagish from Brampton, Ontario is worried about the ongoing construction of his new home as they have not put a wooden sheathing on the outside of the house. He asks: "Is the insulation value and strength of the wall compromised by not using the chipboard?".First things first. "Chipboard" should...
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    Which is better - vinyl or metal siding?

    Better is a big word. Each siding on the market has it's advantages and dis-advantages. Both vinyl and aluminium siding are generally available as imitation wood siding, where-as some steel siding admits to not being wood. That comes simply from the fact that people like the "look" of wood sid...