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  • Plastic repair and replacement -- Three good products

      MOLDABLE PLASTIC -- RESUABLE Utile Plast is a great British product that I stumbled upon -- plastic granules that you put into very hot water - they soften - then you mold them into anything you want. You can shove the soft plastic into a nut and when cool you have a plastic bolt -- or form t...
  • Pressure Treated Wood - the new generation

    Have we really moved to a new generation of Pressure Treated Wood? With the introduction of MicroPro treated wood to the Canadian market in the spring of 2013, some are saying that we have a game change in exteriour wood and building decks.  It has taken several years to get this technology adap...
  • Overview - Condensation on the house side of thermal windows

    Richard writes in:   Hi, I could not find this second level question on your web site. I am familiar with the humidity levels required in a home to avoid condensation on the inside on a thermal pane window- we are still getting condensation with readings in the center of the room of 20 degree C ...
  • Round trim paint brushes.

      Round brushes, with tapered and split end bristles, are the standard trim brushes in Europe. You actually rotate the brush as you move to keep a wet brush on the work. They are beginning to show up in Canadain paint stores.