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  • Why are there different size circular saw blades?

    The larger and wider the blade, the more power is required to drive it through wood. When we are talking about corded tools, this usually translates into a question of weight and over-all size of the saw. Using a very large and heavy saw for light duty work is simply cumbersome and tiring. When w...
  • Hole Saws: Automatic plug ejectors & the 1 tooth saw

    When you use a hole saw, it is often very difficult to get the plug out of the saw cup when you are done. More and more manufacturers have provided slots on the side of the hole saw to allow you to jam a screwdriver in and pry the plug out. But this is often not so easy. (By the way, the larger t...
  • Teaching Kids Woodworking -- reaching for success

    Over the years I have had the occasion to teach working with tools to kids as young as 3 years old.  At whatever age the secret is to know the individual kids attention span and prepair the work to give them a feeling of completion and success within those limits.  Regular sessions of success and...
  • Table Saw Basics

    Basic Cross Cutting

    Oscillating Tools

    The Running Cut

  • How do you get stubborn stains out of the grout between ceramic tiles?

    Commercial cleaners There are a lot of tile cleaners, even some grout cleaners on the market such as those shown above or the newer cleaner specifically for grout, Oxy-Grout. They work pretty well if you have a stain on grout that had been sealed before the stain, because the stain will be somew...
  • Oscillating Tools

    Tooth Breakage & Wear

  • Which is a better cutting board: plastic or wood?

    Any cutting board can become dangerous to your health if you let it collect bacteria. Rule number one is to use a different cutting board for food that will not be cooked than the one you use for raw meat and fish. If raw vegetables are contaminated, there is no heat process to kill bacteria aft...
  • Oscillating Tools

    Oscillating Tools

  • How to finish a butcher block

    Butcher blocks are either not finished at all, or are finished with oil. There exist special 'Salad Bowl' oils that work well for butcher blocks, in that they are totally non-toxic, but they can be difficult to locate. Probably the easiest finish is mineral oil from the drug store. The key is t...