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Basic Cross Cutting

Cross cutting is quite a different task than ripping.  Although we tend to use a combination blade on a table saw to allow us to both cross cut and rip, we could use a much finer tooth blade for cross cutting than ripping, giving us a cleaner splinter free cut.

When ripping along the grain of wood, we tend to push things smoothly along the fence.  When cross cutting we have a much more difficult time moving the wood smoothly -- one of the reasons for the great popularity of the sliding miter saws, they don't rip but they do cross cut more easily than a table saw.

In the list of videos on your left you will find many details on controlling the problems of moving wood across a table saw for clean controlled cross cuts.


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Dave, Rochester, NY on August 03, 2014 23:19

I just retired, and because I like my fingers, I was looking for safety tips on using a contractor saw. Your demo tapes are very informative. Thank you for sharing.

I've been a pro musician all my life, and I like my fingers.

I'm In the process of rebuilding a 1951 craftsman contractor saw ( Cast Iron ).

It was my grandfather.s saw, He was a cabinet Maker.

He used this saw to send his brother to Medical School.

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