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Blade square to table Adjustments

Another example of squaring to the cut rather than squaring to the blade is when you want to set your bevel angle to a perfect 90 degrees. 

In fact if you have any automatic bevel stops, getting the 90 degree stop to actually be perfectly 90 degrees is an essential first step.

The video shows how you can establish your perfect square setting with twice the accuracy you can measure with a steel square -- the square measures over 3" of blade -- my technique measures over 6" so we can actually see twice the error on an un-square cut.

The mention in the video of using "the same technique" referes to an explination of how to build a test piece of wood that is detailed in the previous video on getting the Miter Gauge square to the Blade.


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Jon on September 27, 2010 17:00

I like it!


electoys on September 19, 2010 13:05

Is there a smart way of accurately setting 45 degrees? Perhaps, using the same idea with the blade at 45. To test the angle put the two together and use a square to check for the combined 90 degrees.

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