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    Plumbing noises and Water Hammer

    Scott in Grand Falls, NF has a loud banging noise in his pipes every time he shuts off a faucet. In some plumbing systems when a faucet or an automatic valve like in a washing machine stops the water too fast, it tries to keep going and you get a banging sound throughout the house. The pipes are...
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    Tracing annoying sounds

    One homeowner had an annoying screech coming from her hydronic heating system that was hard to trace because it only happened occasionally and then usually late at night.  The servicemen could find nothing wrong, and of course it never made a screech when they were there.    RECORDING THE SOUND...
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    Noises -- sounds that tell you what is wrong with your house

    Drum Cymbal noises --> Furnace Ducting Gina in Saskatoon is complaining about drum cymbal-like crashes that happen every time her furnace goes on. This is common when you have smooth flat ductwork. The heat and pressure of the air can cause the large flat surface of sheet metal to flex eithe...
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    What is wrong with my gurgling double sink? The Vent Valve

    David writes that he recently installed a double sink but it gurgles and backs up. It is 10 feet away from the plumbing stack and goes through a garbarator. What did he do wrong?     When you attach a large double sink on a long horizontal run, the drain pipe will tend to fill up with water ...
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    Noises in hot water heating pipes

    Ray from Rothesay, N.B. has a rumbling sound in his hot water heating pipes. Servicemen drained them twice, thinking it was air in the pipes, but no improvement.First idea, maybe it is a bad bearing in the circulation pump. You can check that out by putting your ear right to the pump when it ki...