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  • Blocking cannabis odours in an appartment building.

    Jon, On the radio last week you gave someone a remedy to get rid of a smoker's odours coming up through the apartment building.  Could you please post that for me.  Francine. ---- First my opinion -- second hand smoke from cigarettes is already identified as a public health problem, and is ofte...
  • What causes metal studs to show through the drywall?

    Colour from the studs themselves is not really "bleeding" through the drywall, but it is the studs that are causing the problem. When metal studs are used in outside walls of a house, they conduct so much energy through the metal that the overall R-value of an R-19 wall drops to only R-10. When ...
  • Why do I see the wall studs right through the drywall?

      Tim lives in a 13 year old house and is rather disturbed by the fact that he can see the studs and ceiling joists as if they were coming right through the wall. Don't panic Tim, this is unfortunately very common. It relates to a poor job of insulation in a cold climate.     You see, the ...
  • Ventilation hoods -- how to identify quality

      Ventilation Maximum makes some of the best outdoor vent hoods on the market – and makes them to work in cold and snow covered climates.  They often innovate and others copy.  For instance they invented the square cupola that replaced both the troublesome spinning turbines and the rooftop bu...
  • Removing silicone caulking

    Bill from British Columbia sent in an e-mail asking how to remove silicone caulking from his acrylic shower floor. For many years we had nothing that would remove silicone caulking from a bathtub. Then all the companies came out with silicone caulking removers. Then they all disappeared (or will ...
  • Making an invisible patch in a lathe and plaster wall

    To fix a bulge or hole in a lathe and plaster wall, we need to pay special attention to two things: limit the damage as we remove the loose plaster, and make sure the new plaster sticks solidly to the old lathe.   DEFINE THE PROBLEM AREA Start by using a pencil to draw a line around the entir...
  • Techniques for Installing Drywall

    Proper Metal Stud Screws

    Techniques for Installing Drywall

    Hanging Things on Metal Studs

    Techniques for Installing Drywall

    Using Resilient Channels

    Techniques for Installing Drywall

    Ghosting-Dust Marks