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    Trained Indoor Air Quality Investigators

    As indoor air quality (IAQ) has been identified as a more and more important issue in our homes, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation  had  instituted a training program to train individuals/companies who are qualified to come into your home, identify IAQ problems and outline the solutions...
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    Aluminum to Copper electrical connectors

    THE WIRE WORKS, THE CONNECTIONS ARE THE PROBLEM Aluminum wire does a good job of conducting electricity (although you do have to use one size larger wire than copper for the same electrical load) and can do the same job for less money. So for a short while it was used in houses for regular wirin...
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    The basics of water purification and limitations of water filters.

    The microbiologist Dr. Phillip Stuart joined me to talk about residential water filtration systems. A couple of very important things came out.   Carbon filters, like the Brita and other counter-top or end of spout filters are only designed to use with treated water systems to remove bad tas...
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    Two Water Problems: Burn like sulfur smell and Milky looking water

      Burn Smell in the shower Bill from Newcastle, Ontario gets that smell in the morning and wants to know how to get rid of it. This is not a common problem, but it is certainly not unknown. It is not common because it requires a specific set of circumstances to create this problem. First it re...
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    The Business of Renovation -- Part 3 -- Seeking out the Contractor.

    Unless you have a great personal reference to a contractor, you will probably have to use the Yellow Pages, or an association list and start calling. Here are the kinds of questions to ask during that first contact on the phone. The objective here is to narrow the field to two or three contractor...
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    It is always better to insulate on the outside of basements and crawl spaces, but usually more expensive and more trouble. Brick or field stone foundations must not be insulated on the inside for much more than one foot below ground level. The poor quality of the mortar in these foundations dete...
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    Restoring Heritage Windows

    When Heritage Window Restoration becomes an energy efficient & cost effective alternative to new windows Most of us who have worked in older neighbourhoods have at one time or another thought about or dabbled in restoring old building components rather than ripping out and installing new...
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    The Business of Renovation Part 1 - The Industry.

    This was the first part of a special three part series designed to give you some insights to the business side of renovation because hiring a contractor and getting the job done right is a business deal. In this segment we tried to give you an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of each diff...
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    The Business of Renovation -- Part 2 -- The Contract

    Should you have a contract or not for every renovation? According to David Foster, author of the pamphlet Get It In Writing, except for the simplest of maintenance tasks, you need a contract, and for a lot of reasons that you may have never thought of. If you would like to read the other two par...
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    Personal thoughts as to why I am sceptical about the wireless industry's "scientific" position on EMF and Health

    Reflections on why someone with a scientific orientation like myself might give more credibility to those who worry about the health effects of cell phones and smart meters than to those who say there is no "scientific proof" of a health problem.   The following is an extract from an exchange wit...