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  • Cutting crown moldings with a mitre saw.

    Cutting crown moldings can be simple and it can be difficult. First you want to check if the corner you are putting the molding into is in fact 90 degrees. If you don't check that you can get real frustrated with your mitre saw. 88 or 92 degree walls require different mitre cuts. Over the years...
  • Why are there different size circular saw blades?

    The larger and wider the blade, the more power is required to drive it through wood. When we are talking about corded tools, this usually translates into a question of weight and over-all size of the saw. Using a very large and heavy saw for light duty work is simply cumbersome and tiring. When w...
  • Hole Saws: Automatic plug ejectors & the 1 tooth saw

    When you use a hole saw, it is often very difficult to get the plug out of the saw cup when you are done. More and more manufacturers have provided slots on the side of the hole saw to allow you to jam a screwdriver in and pry the plug out. But this is often not so easy. (By the way, the larger t...
  • Table Saw Basics

    Dressing the Table

    Table Saw Basics

    Basic Cross Cutting

    Table Saw Basics

    Specialty Cuts

    Oscillating Tools

    The Running Cut

    Table Saw Basics

    Line-up and Adjustments

  • Do you push or pull to cut wood in a sliding mitre box? Or is there any safe way to use these machines?

    (This article was originally written in 2001 and is an interesting piece of history about learning how to use new tools.  Many years after this show I did a real serious job of studying Miter Saw precision and safety and developed a whole series of videos on the subject -- they can all be viewed ...
  • Choosing a mitre saw.

    One of our viewers is looking to redo all the trim in his house so he is wondering which mitre saw he should buy. The variety is very confusing but there are two basic types:  Fixed mitre boxes that go up and down. They will cut mitres, angles to the right or the left and most of them will cut...