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Tubs and Showers

Working around a tub or shower requires special wall board materials and even some special considerations if it is an insulated wall. And no wall board material capable of absorbing water should come into direct contact with the tub itself.

The Canadian Building Code will be changing in 2010 to require membranes behind tub and tile showers.  For videos and other information about the best of these membranes, the Kerdi membrane, I invite you to visit, click on the bathroom and then on the shower for a wealth of information all related to tile installation.

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Justin on November 02, 2015 22:11

Thank you! How far down to the tub to "Green Board" was an answer I was having a hard time finding out. I look forward to checking out the rest of your videos.

Joe Busch on May 16, 2014 10:02

I am trying to find the corner connections for the Rondec moulking to use in my shower system. Lowes said I needed to go on your web site and get a profile number and color for them to order it. I am finding it impossible to navigate your system. I need inside and outside corners. I am going up a wall with your moulding then across the top to a corner. Then across anouther wall to a corner then across a connecting wall to a corner then down to the floor agaid. It seems very simple to me. I do not want to mitter the corners but instead have a smooth application.

Hello Joe,
I am afraid you are on the wrong website -- although I love Schluter products. Go to
-- Jon

Moni on May 09, 2014 12:36

How about the fiberglass tape that you need to put when there is a change of plane when installing cement boards? Any tips for smooth installation that won't interfere with the tile installation later on?

Hello Moni,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by a "change of plane" because if the two boards are not flush, the tile will not be flush either. Quite frankly I prefer the Schluter Ditra membrane, which you can put right over ordinary drywall bridging all joints and not even use cement boards. It makes a totally waterproof wall even before the tiles are installed and is an ideal surface for holding tiles with thinset mortar.
-- Jon

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